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Oh yes Please


3 responses

  1. Lacry

     whats this ,,,this pic is so oddity

    2007年08月25日 @ 4:18 下午

  2. Yong

    That pic means nothing or,, everything, I donno wat is dat really, but , it makes sence(for me), dat’s it.
    I thought u might ask oow the back stage music is really awesome. and yes it is.  hehe i love it truely, i love all
    the frack, sick, weird song. really love dat singer style, tone and voice . and all the instrement mixs togather perfectly, and performed out a  kinda Loudly,Noisily music, but feels pleasing.
    so  if u really want to ask me ,,wat is dat exactly.
    the answer from me is – i really have no clue about it, but the feeling.

    2007年08月26日 @ 3:20 下午

  3. Linna

    i like the pic 

    2007年08月29日 @ 4:07 上午


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