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Tiny working.. soooo exciting~!

Omg, i just cant imagine that how tiny things im gonna to working out, before i got my Finaly year project material today.
Omg soooo exciting!!!,,,
u know when i decide to take this as my final year project., i just feel " aha yup im going to make some realy tiny things , thats coool.. why? coz it tiny.,and think em.no oneelse can make dat good than i do. i mean Ting working, i got almost 3-4 years experience on it ,by makeing some model(my high school toy).AND it doesnt like some other’s project i mean the "pure principle" , kinda like , woohuu how microphone works,or why useing such of thing like J-K fiip-flop in PIC.well.common dudy dats stupid i mean those project which just let ppl woking on principles kind like newton first low …second low…..bla bla bla.it is so sissys… .but wat am i doing is make something out in real.i mean in real .  u can even touch it or play with it. and ofc yes !it makes me full of passion.
 O shxt ,i have to complain something here. since i applyied those moteral in TIC,till now it is rdy 2 month passed……..    Er,but thats nomal…they always do like it, i mean Uk got the worst working efficiency in this world. BUt, good be good, let me think a bit,,emm.,,i have to use this tow words to explain how this Tiny things looks like,
 one is "sophisticated " and the another one is"delicacy" sooo nice.,,absolutely HIgh-quality.
show some pic for ya :’P
O , I PUT AN GP850 battery here is easy for you  to compare  how motor, reamers tiny is.
after i got all the meteral dat i need, and couple days work,,, –> mini kitey^^
BTW this is the first time that my school gonna to buy something for me, which means i dont have to pay it , i make the order list , they pay the bill. simply like this. hahahaha feel soo nice .

9 responses

  1. mG


    2007年05月1日 @ 7:17 上午

  2. Yong

    MG 太谦虚了哦………-______-"

    2007年05月1日 @ 9:36 下午

  3. 可乐


    2007年05月2日 @ 5:40 上午

  4. Yong

    总之~~天涯若比邻~~!!!  ni neng bu  zhe me GAY me ,?, kao.
    zhu fu  shou  dao :’))  xie la . hei hei.
    zhu ni he ni GF and ur family,  yi qie hao.

    2007年05月2日 @ 11:41 上午

  5. kidd


    2007年05月4日 @ 12:53 下午

  6. Ice


    2007年05月4日 @ 5:01 下午

  7. jing

    I am so sorry my laptop is in the factory. I cannot type chinese and can’t open my msn.
    anyway happy birthday and all the best to my friend.
    I use my school’s computer and so boring.
    how are u ? and my other friends, I am here and say hello to everyone.
    I hope your guys better and better, whatever ! anything
    I have to go my classmates are waiting for me when I get my laptop I reply U one by one !!!
    see uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    2007年05月8日 @ 8:52 上午

  8. Yong

    well then good luck, and im grateful for ya best wishs. im not realy well. but think it wont be an prob for me ,  but it realy painful.

    2007年05月8日 @ 5:22 下午


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