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I M warrior warlord ~!! For the horde~!!~~

my telent device….  and gear preview..
First talent device: i m not a fury warrior.i spend more talent point in arm because arm is for   
                           all stances ..
<Improved rand 3 point>
=increases bleed damage done by urrend abillity 35% 
<Deflection 3 point>
=increases ur barry chance by 3%
<Tactical Mastery 5 point>
=keep 25 rage when u change stances.
<Anger management 1p >
=keep 30% rage when u change stances.
<Improved overpower2p>
=Increases ur critical strike chance for ur Overpower  abilliy By 50
<Tow-handed weapon speicalization>
Increase the damage u deal with twohand melee weapon by 5% got 5 points
<Deep wounds 3p>
=if u got a criticak strikes than after over 12s ur weapon damage will *60
<Impale 2p>=
Increase ur critical strike damage bonus for ur abillities in any stance by 2%
<sweeping strikes 1p>===>  <mortal strike>
                        total arm talent point= 31
<cruelty 5p>
= Increases ur critical strike chance by 5%
<Unbridled wrath 5p>
=40% chance to win 1 opint rage when u deal with weapon.
<Piercing howl 1p>
<Improved battle shout 4p>
=increases ur attack power bouns of ur battle shout by 20%
<Enrage 5p>
=gives ur 40% melee damage bouns for 12s up to a maximum
swings after victim for a critical strike
                       Total fury talent point =20
warlord’s plate headpliece.
onyxia tooth pendant                                         +1c +1h
warlord’s plate shoulders
deathground’s cloak                                              +34a
warlord’s plate arrmor                                             +1c
berserker bracers
High warlord’s greadswood                                    +1c
General’s plate gauntlets
onslaught girdle                                                  +1c  +1h
General’s plate leggings                                    +2c  +1h
general’s plate boots
legionnaire’s band
Don Julio’s band                                            +1c  +1h +16a
hand of justice                                                   +2H +20a
c=critical   H= hit(命中)   A=attack power
Health 5643
Strength 322
aglillity 203
stamina 398
armour 4777
melee attack 300
power  874
damage 495-631

6 responses

  1. Lacry

    what ‘s this

    2005年11月11日 @ 11:21 下午

  2. Yong

    我理想中战士的天赋配点和装备 呵呵..

    2005年11月12日 @ 12:51 上午

  3. Yong

    哦 好~~!!  我尽力而为了.....哪个站上面不是有翻译的嘛??  觉得她翻译的不够好??? 还是什么翻译呢???歌好听的哦.BONNY BONNY

    2005年11月14日 @ 9:25 下午

  4. kidd


    2005年11月15日 @ 8:12 上午

  5. Yong

    嘿嘿 知道了啊..

    2005年11月15日 @ 11:47 下午


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